Thank you for your interest to help with rescuing Newfoundlands.

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Rescue Volunteer Agreement
Rescued Newfoundlands

I, the undersigned, state that I have read, understand and agree to abide by the conditions of this Rescue Volunteer Agreement during the period of time a Rescued Newfoundland is in my care.


  1. I/we will accept the responsibility of providing top quality food, shelter, nurturing and socialization for a Rescued Newfoundland.

  2.  I/we understand that in accepting a Rescued Newfoundland for care, I/we remain solely responsible for the health of my/our family, my/our pets, others who come into contact with this Rescued Newfoundland and myself/ourselves.

  3.  While a Rescued Newfoundland is in my/our possession, you are liable for any property damages or expenses caused by or incurred as a result of the care of the Rescued Newfoundland.

  4.  The Rescued Newfoundland will reside inside my/our home.  At no time will a Rescued Newfoundland be allowed to run without restraints, unless in a fenced area and supervised by me/us.

  5.  At no time will a Rescued Newfoundland be chained outside or kept in a pen outdoors.

  6.  I/we will provide a safe and sanitary environment for a Rescued Newfoundland at all times.

  7.  I/we agree to accept all responsibility for the behavior of a Rescued Newfoundland chosen for placement in my/our home.

  8.  I/we will provide an enclosed yard, preferably chain link or wooden fencing, to protect a Rescued Newfoundland from intruders, human or otherwise.

  9.  A Rescued Newfoundland may be removed from my/our custody at any time with cause.

  10.  I/we agree that prospective adoptive families will be permitted to come to my/our home to meet a Rescued Newfoundland being fostered.

  11.  I/we will be responsible for any and all legal fees incurred if a violation of this agreement results in a legal suit.

Release of Liability and Indemnification

In consideration for allowing me/us to provide care for a Rescued Newfoundland, I/we promise and agree to be solely responsible for said Rescued Newfoundland and to indemnify and hold harmless all other parties, clubs, organizations, its members and its volunteers from any and all claims of liability for the conduct of said Rescued Newfoundland on or after the date of this agreement for the period of time each Rescued Newfoundland is in my/our control and custody.